Blife® is candidate to become the standard product for heating and cooling in future Chinese hospitals

One of the main advantages of BLife® ceiling radiant heating system consists in reduce to the minimum air movement in the room. Heating by radiant effect means to take advantage of the principle of radiance, which is the most natural and healthy heating way: this is in fact the same heating principle of the sun.

For this reason BLife® is candidate to become the standard product for heating and cooling in future Chinese hospitals, as well as civil, industrial and commercial environments. The government is currently evaluating and studying the technical documentation of this system, with the support of Carlieuklima experts.

More than ever before – due to the diffusion of Covid-19 Corona Virus- a system that minimizes ventilation and prevents the spread and transmission of viruses is essential.

The potentiality of BLife® heating and cooling system were already known, as CARLIEUKLIMA has obtained the POR-FESR regional funding, which highlighted the innovative and energy savings characteristics of the project.

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BLIFE® Project got the Regional POR FESR 2014 -2020 contribution

The investment project is articulated on a series of actions to increase production capacity by a side, but significantly changing the process productive on the other since the realization of the new product “Blife” which integrates features advanced energy and environmental saving has involved the introduction of an innovative system of production that in 2017 witnessed a series of refinements and modifications due precisely to new technical component in the product it has required to revolutionize the production system for ensure the effectiveness of the process and a level quantity in line with needs.